Friday, June 1, 2012

news notes

day late, sorry!

witchita boy's garage-sale buy holds a treasure for his family - this is amazing.  and creepy. 

appeals court: denying federal benefits to same-sex couples is unconstitutional - ok, we're getting somewhere now!

steel magnolias' remake cast - no. this is unacceptable.  sally fields was absolute perfection in this movie.  you cannot remake that.

hundreds of sheep strike cars after crash in australia - some of the comments on here are kinda funny.  but could you imagine?  suddenly it's raining sheep on you?  wacky.

new york mayor michael bloomberg proposes ban on on large sodas - i come down on both sides of this debate.  on the one hand, i think anything they can do to help the obesity crisis in this country should be tried.  on the other hand, people have to want to change their behavior and no amount of legislation is going to make that happen.

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