Saturday, June 30, 2012

12 weeks

baby is the size of: a lime
how far along are you: 12 weeks 2 days
what's happening with baby:  baby's fingers will begin to open and close, toes will curl, eye muscles will clench, and mouth will make sucking motion.  if you prod your abdomen, baby will squirm!  baby's intestines start to move into the abdominal cavity, and the kidneys start producing urine.  nerve cells are rapidly multiplying and brain synapses are forming.
due date: jan 10
maternity clothes: nada.
sleep: pretty good
best moment this week: telling my dad.  it's his first grandchild, so it was so exciting.  he can't wait to be grandpa!  a super-close, only-losing-by-a-hair second was seeing baby on the ultrasound on tuesday.  absolutely.amazing.
what are you looking forward to: today we tell my mom and jeff, matt's parents, and matt's brother and his 2 kids.  we'll also send a text to his other brother, who is in toronto at a bachelor party.  cannot wait!!    
food cravings: spicy. yesterday we were picking up dinner and i absolutely had to have jalapeno poppers!
food/smell aversions: nothing particular this week.
what do you miss: beer.  luckily, odoule's amber ale is pretty good.
symptoms: bloating.  exhaustion.  boob tenderness.  and i've had a migraine since monday.  not sure if that's pregnancy-related or weather-related.  either way, it blows.
gender: still thinking girl.
belly button: in.  i have a really deep belly button, so i really wonder if it will pop at all.
wedding rings: on

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