Tuesday, June 5, 2012

nursery thoughts - animals

another thought i have for the nursery is an animal theme.  there are so many great animal-themed bedding sets and nursery sets out there - monkeys, safari, birds, woodland, etc.  but i keep finding myself gravitating to giraffes.  this set, in particular, i love.

source: from babysupermall via nicole on pinterest
i also found this, and thought it would be really cute to do.  you could do it with all different animals and fabric prints.  it's a great way to be a little creative!

source: from flickr via bee on pinterest
i saw this print somewhere and thought it was so adorable.

source: from sarahjanestudios via leah on pinterest
this print is so sweet.  it's definitely something i think i'd love to put in the nursery, possibly no matter what theme we go with. 

source: from etsy via sarah on pinterest
here is a really cute idea for clothing hooks or hat hooks or what have you.  the project nursery link that the source is from doesn't actually take you to this nursery anymore, so i searched high and low for these hooks and found them at ikea (of course).

source: from projectnursery via bee on pinterest
this photo features a fox, which would go great with a woodland creatures nursery, but in theory you could probably do any stuffed animal.  i think it's a great idea!

source: from matsukeblog on pinterest
so those are just some ideas for an animal- (ok, giraffe-) themed nursery.

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Jessica said...

Love that fox lamp!