Thursday, June 21, 2012

news notes

female legislator who dared say vagina during abortion debate banned from speaking - i am so freaking over these unbelievable displays of republican abuse.  seriously?  this is outrageous.  i know (or at least, I'm pretty sure) the hello giggles writer was kidding when she suggested this, but i'm actually seriously tempted to do it.  banning these women from speaking just goes too far. 

jerry sandusky didn't testify after defense raised significant doubts in case - "significant doubts?"  not exactly.  and people were surprised that sandusky didn't take the stand?  really?  have they heard his abc interview?  the man is a detriment to himself.  every time he opens his mouth he creates more problems. 

bristol palin says no sex until marriage - better late then never, i suppose

a few drinks during pregnancy ok, study says - huh.  not that this is going to make me run out and hit the sauce, but it's an interesting study.

deep-fried cereal kicks of summer of fair food - i don't know, but that sounds completely gross to me.  deep-fried snickers?  sure.  deep-fried oreos?  absolutely.  deep-fried samoas?  bring it.  but deep-fried kool-aid balls?  gag me. 

world's best cities for architecture lovers - i've seen only a few of these in person (renaissance, gaudi, and gothic revival), but those few i saw were pretty damn impressive.

what would you do if the world were ending - if i knew, for sure, with absolutely certainty, that the world were ending?  i would do much like the guy from new zealand mentioned in the article did - i would take trips around the world, eat amazing food, and rack up huge credit card bills.  pretty sure discover isn't going to come looking for me after the rapture.

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