Monday, June 25, 2012

hero worship

ok, this might sound weird to some, but i love me some michelle obama.  all politics and party lines aside, just take the woman for who she is.  a fiercely independent, strong, woman.  an excellent parent.  a supportive wife.  and her main focus as first lady?  childhood hunger and obesity.  not to mention, a fashion icon.

i was watching a marathon of restaurant impossible this weekend, and caught the one where michelle obama brings in robert irvine to help a struggling food pantry/children's education center/community center in washington, dc.  she really cares about the health and well-being of those children and it was so adorable to watch her interact with them and talk to them about making healthy choices in food.

i love that she started the big white house vegetable garden and promotes clean eating for her family and the white house staff.  her let's move initiative not only promotes healthy eating but also exercise.  she realizes that not everyone lives in a neighborhood where gardening space is available, so she teaches you how to build container gardens and even windowsill gardens!  that she's championed this issue for her reign as first lady is so great.  laura bush chose education, but how do you really promote that?  michelle obama chose something real and tangible.

source: via michelle obama on pinterest

i love seeing photos of her and president obama and of them with their girls.  they just look like a genuinely happy family headed by a couple who are deeply in love and committed to each other. 

source: via michelle obama on pinterest

source: via michelle obama on pinterest

source: from instyle via rachel on pinterest

i mean, that picture of the 2 of them on the elevator?  it's like there's no one else in the world but the 2 of them.  swoon.

i've never been one to have a "hero" per se, but i do love michelle obama and i think she is a fantastic role model.  as i face the idea that i'm going to be a mother soon, i think about women who could be role models for our daughter.  the names and faces out there these days that young girls know aren't exactly the ideal heroes.  i'm hoping to be able to show our daughter what a truly brilliant woman looks like.  and i think michelle obama is a great place to start.

who do you think is a good female role model for young girls today?

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Anonymous said...

I love her too...I really look up to her and I wish I had her sense of style. She's such a great role model for women and little girls.