Monday, June 4, 2012

first appointment

today is our first appointment!  i can't.freakin.wait.  i'm really hoping we'll be able to at least hear baby's heartbeat, if not see something.  i have my list of questions ready and told matt to think about any questions he might have. 

in other news, i think i'm finally starting to experience some real symptoms.  i felt really exhausted all weekend, despite the fact that i got plenty of sleep.  even this morning, after sleeping like a rock all night (minus a trip to the bathroom, of course), i found it nearly impossible to get out of bed.  it's 8:48am and i could seriously crawl back into bed and sleep for another 3 hours.  on top of that, i woke up this morning and by the time i got out of the shower, i felt pretty queasy, so i ate a few graham crackers and that helped.  matt suggested i take a sleeve of crackers to work with me to keep in my desk for any queasy moments, but the nice thing about working in a hospital is that i have limitless access to saltines and ginger ale.  i just have to make my snacking inconspicuous for the next few weeks. 

i do plan to tell a couple of my coworkers today, just the ones that i'm really close to (the ones who were invited to our wedding).  i start my week of on-call today, and i'm hoping that one of them will be willing to take my pager tonight so that i don't have to worry about getting paged in the middle of my doctor's appointment.  could you imagine?  we're in the middle of the (likely) transvaginal ultrasound and my stupid pager goes off?  ack, awful.  so hopefully one of them will do me that favor, just for tonight.  plus, it'll be nice to have someone to talk to about it.  my coworker stacy just had her baby 6 months ago, so she's still pretty familiar with the whole pregnancy process and stuff. 

i'll be back tomorrow or wednesday with the updates from the appointment!  wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes well today!

Jessica said...

Eeek!! Good luck today friend!