Sunday, June 3, 2012

georgia on my mind - part 4

i just realized i never finished our georgia trip recap!  oopsie!

so i left off when we had finished our shuttle and walking tour of the city.  we wanted to eat dinner at this rooftop restaurant called rocks on the roof.  it was right on the river walk and had a great view of the river.  unfortunately, when we arrived, we found that it was closed until 9pm for a private event.  booo.  so we ate downstairs in their regular restaurant, rocks on the river.  the food was ok but nothing great.  we definitely should have tried somewhere else.

after dinner, we headed up to sit in ellis square for a bit before walking over to johnson square to meet up with our haunted tour guide.  i was definitely smitten with ellis square.  it wasn't all shaded and green like the other squares, but it had this great fountain that kids played in all day long.  it was so fun to sit and watch them.  plus it was adjacent to city market and they always had live music at night, so you could sit in ellis square and listen to the music without having to sit in the noisy bar seating. 

at 7:30 we walked over to johnson square to meet our tour guide for the evening.  if you are ever in savannah and want to do a good, authentic haunted tour, definitely book with this guy.  the company is savannah ghost walks, and i'm pretty sure it is only this one guy who does the tours, chase anderson.  he was kind of creepy, but in a good way.  he obviously loves what he does, and takes it very seriously.  he has clearly spent a lot of time researching the history of savannah and delving into various ghost stories and urban legends.  the tour was fantastic.  we walked all over the city and by the end, i was definitely creeped out by a few locations.  chase encouraged us to take pictures in each location, with our flash, because sometimes that's how you catch ghosts or spirits.  unfortunately, my camera battery started to die about halfway through our tour, so i didn't get many pictures.  and most of my pictures were duds, but there are a few that definitely have matt and i thinking we caught something watching us!

after the tour was over and we were sufficiently freaked out, we walked back to rocks on the roof and had a drink up at the rooftop bar.  by the time we got there, all the tables around the perimeter of the roof were taken, so we just sat inside by the bar.  halfway through our drinks, i felt like i was crashing, so we finished up, went back to the hotel, and went to bed.

the next morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel again.  same thing as the day before.  last night, i actually had dreams about those biscuits.  they were that good.  i may have to bake some this weekend - that may be my first "craving!"  after breakfast, we packed up the car and checked out.  we drove out to bonaventure cemetery, which is about 15 minutes outside of "downtown" savannah.  it is a beautiful spot.  i know it's kind of weird or creepy to walk around a cemetery, but i'd heard so much about how picturesque it is, i had to see it for myself.  and all the hype was true.  it really is pretty.  tons of big live oaks with spanish moss.  lots of big tombstones and monuments.  it was neat to walk around and see how old some of them were - we saw a few dating back to the early 1800s!  i took tons of pictures and definitely plan to blow one of them up for our "vacation wall" at home.

after walking around for about an hour, we got back in the car and drove back into downtown savannah.  we wanted to try to find this bbq joint we'd seen on man vs food nation called angel's bbq.  the challenge was to eat a huge bbq sandwich with their super-hot voodoo juice on it.  we did not attempt the challenge because, well, we like our taste buds.  the bbq was good, but it wasn't the best i've ever had. 

finally, it was time to hit the road and head back to atlanta.  we spent tuesday night with our friends mish and ryan.  it was great to be able to visit with them for a bit, since we hadn't seen them since our wedding.  wednesday morning we flew home, picked up padfoot, and got ready to return to the real world!

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