Thursday, June 28, 2012

news notes

could the heroine of pixar's 'brave' be gay? - ok, i find this article a little offensive.  not in that i think it would be offensive or some great tragedy if the character were gay.  what i find offensive is the "evidence" being used to support the theory that the character might be gay.  that a young girl who challenges traditional gender roles (obedient daughter, soft-spoken fiance) and who enjoys more "masculine" recreational activities must be gay, because little straight girls are so eager to please and abide by traditional roles.  come on!  are we really still stuck in this idea that little girls must love dressing up and ballet and disney princesses and wearing pillowcases on their heads for their pretend weddings?!  god forbid a little girl use her brain and decide how to act based on what she wants!  i can only hope that my daughter - gay or straight - will challenge the traditional roles and think for herself!

survey: 70% of teens hide online behavior from their parents - in other news, the ocean is wet!

high court strikes down key parts of arizona immigration law - good!  that law was out of control and to me sounded far too closely related to making jews wear stars.

monsignor william lynn convicted in clergy abuse trial - guilty on one count of child endangerment.  let's hope more and more court cases start moving in this direction.

jerry sandusky trial: the verdict - this verdict came through on friday night and my facebook exploded.  this review of the verdict is beautifully written.  this was a true victory by the justice system.

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Jessica said...

All great articles! The first one is absolutely ridiculous and offensive like you said.