Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a confirmation

you guys, we got to see our little bug last night!  it was so amazing.  we got to see him/her moving around, kicking its legs.  we got to see the heart fluttering away at 169 bpm.  i just could not believe it when that little body showed up on the screen - it's real!  there's an actual baby in there!  the ultrasound tech said that everything looks good.  we saw the arms, legs, and umbilical cord.  she moved the little wand thingie around and we saw the spine.  it was so amazing, and totally made me forget the fact that i had to pee so bad i thought i was going to burst.  seriously, i've never had to pee so badly in my life.  my appointment was at 5:30, so they told me to empty my bladder at 4:15 and then drink 32oz of water by 4:30.  by 4:40, i had to pee.  by 5:30, i was pretty sure my eyeballs were floating.  but i forgot all about it when that little baby popped up on the screen. 

oh, and i bet you're thinking "you caved!"  i didn't.  my friend abriel suggested that i double check and make sure we would have an ultrasound at our next appointment, since she said she had one at 8 weeks and then not again till 20 weeks.  so i called the office and sure enough, this was the only one we'd have until the anatomy scan.  so matt decided to leave work early so he could come with me last night.  i'm so glad he was able to be there for it.  it was such an amazing moment to see our baby, for the first time, together.

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