Monday, March 19, 2012

girl's weekend

matt went away this weekend for his annual guys' weekend with his best man and a bunch of older guys.  they rent a cabin in the poconos boy things.  so usually i take that opportunity to fully divulge in my secret single-girl behavior.  ie, i watch movies matt would never watch, eat crap, and drink girly drinks.  this weekend, i'm still trying to eat a bit better, and since our house is currently devoid of fun drink ingredients, i've only had a couple glasses of red wine.  but i definitely watched a ton of non-matt-approved movies.

first up, martha marcy may marlene.

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wow.  elizabeth olsen was incredible in this.  definitely a really good movie, and i actually think this is one matt would enjoy.  it was a bit of a psychological thriller, waiting to find out if she makes it in her "new world" away from the cult.  i was a little disappointed with the ending, though.  i won't spoiler-alert, but it left me asking, "wait...what?!"

next i watched twilight: breaking dawn.

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ok, i am not a twihard, by any stretch of the imagination.  it's the opposite actually - i just do not understand the draw of this series.  the relationship between edward and bella freaks me out - it's so intense and yet so awkward.  it feels like they are just not comfortable with each other, at all.  i don't get it.  but i keep watching the movies, hoping that maybe i'll get it.  still no.  for the movie-watching purpose alone, i did actually like this movie, although i was disappointed with the big sex scene.  seemed kind of anticlimactic to me.  i mean, who hasn't broken a bed once or twice?  [yes, i did.  i might tell you about it]

saturday morning i watched my week with marilyn.

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i was blown away by this.  10 minutes in, i forgot that i wasn't actually watching marilyn monroe.  michelle williams was just phenomenal.  i have loved her since her days as jen lindley, and it's so thrilling to see her doing such deep roles.  i also totally forgot that emma watson was in this, and squealed "ooh, it's hermione" when i first spotted her.  anyway, this story made me love marilyn but broke my heart at the same time.  genius.

saturday night brought me footloose.

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matt made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he would never see this movie.  he likes the classic and that's that.  but i was curious, so i took the opportunity to watch it while he was away.  truth?  if i hadn't known the first one existed, i probably would have loved this movie.  it was (in my opinion) exactly like the original.  down to using the same lines and the same music.  it was a lot of fun.  but nobody will ever be better than kevin bacon.

and the last movie for the weekend was the descendents.

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i debated about renting this because matt actually wants to see it.  but i went for it anyway because...well, i felt like it.  and nothing else was striking my fancy as i stood perusing the blockbuster box.  anyway.  holy sad movie, batman.  i don't know about  you, but sometimes when i watch movies, i put myself in the position of the characters, and it makes movies like this hard to bear.  despite the ridiculous amount of tears i shed, i really liked this movie.  george clooney was incredible, but shailene woodley wowed me.  i'm really looking forward to more from her. 

all in all, i had a really nice, relaxing weekend.  i ran some errands on saturday, weeded our gardens to get them ready for planting, and snuggled with padfoot.  my most exciting purchase?  i stopped by ulta on saturday and picked up a bottle of nail polish from china glaze's hunger games capital colours.  i was torn between smoke and ashes and harvest moon.  ultimately i went with smoke and ashes.  i'm planning to get a manicure later this week before our trip home for the weekend.  hopefully it'll still be in decent shape when we go see the premier (probably on sunday april 1 - we don't do opening weekends!)

on sunday, my dad came down.  we went out for lunch at anthony's coal-fired pizza (it's reaaaally yummy) and then we went to the driving range.  it's been a while since i've played, and i would love to play in matt's family's golf tournament this year, so i need to get out and start practicing.  for not having hit the ball much in the past 2 years, i did pretty well.  it helped having my dad along.  he's an excellent golfer and very patient coach.  i definitely look forward to getting out on the range again and perfecting my skills.

after dad left, i turned on the food network and gave myself a facial.  and then i dyed my hair.  i know most people usually go lighter in the spring, but i felt like going darker.  so it's a nice, pretty, dark brown now.  my hair takes color very well and my skin tone can support pretty much any color i've thrown at it.  and believe me, i've tried a lot - strawberry blonde, super-dark brown, bright fiery red, and deep dark auburn.  i've gone every color but pure blonde and black. 

i've enjoyed my me-time, but i can't wait for matt to come home.  i miss my honey!  what do you do when your so goes away and leaves you to your vices?


Jessica said...

Truthfully? I had never seen the original Footloose all the way through until AFTER I saw the remake... and you're totally right. I loved the remake but after I saw the original, Kevin Bacon cannot be beat.

Christina said...

Good choices! Elizabeth Olsen is a new favorite of mine because of that movie. It was disturbing, but she was good. The honeymoon in Breaking Dawn was anticlimactic. I heard they had to edit a lot to get the PG-13 rating. I have a movie post coming up soon, so you’ll see my opinions on the other three. Sounds like a good weekend. I just went darker too! Hahaha. I wish I had a weekend alone at home! I should ask my mom to watch my kids overnight so we can just stay home and relax. Hahah!