Tuesday, March 20, 2012

resurrecting the past

i saw this article yesterday morning at mental floss, and it got me thinking.  i decided to try to come up with my answers to the 4 questions posed in the article.

1. what are some educational family outings you loved, either as a kid or as a parent?  for me, my favorite will always be the museum of scientific discovery in harrisburg, pa.  i was obsessed with going there as a kid.  sadly, it no longer exists and was replaced by the whitaker science center (i have not been there yet, except to the imax theater once to see harry potter).  the museum of scientific discovery was amazing.  there was this light box that you could stand in and it would freeze your image on the screen.  it was so much fun to come up with silly poses and try to have the most ridiculous pose possible.  they had so many great interactive exhibits, it truly got me interested in science.

2. what are some places or events you fondly remember attending?  well, of course, hershey park will always hold some special memories for me.  i also always remember going to the local pool.  with my family, my friends, our babysitter.  i always had a great time.  diving boards, adult swim, handstands, and, of course, years of self-esteem issues and feeling terrible about my body in a bathing suit.  ahhh, middle school.

3. if you were put in charge of such things, what defunct brands would you bring back from the dead?  remember clearly canadian?  i would totally bring that shit back.

source: awesomehq

4. what would you pay double for to get right away?  i'm not sure there's anything i really want that badly.  not to mention, i think that waiting for something is good for you.


Jessica said...

I lovedddd Clearly Canadian!!

Christina said...

CLEARLY CANADIAN?! I LOVED that stuff. We thought we were so cool, drinking that instead of soda. New York Seltzers too! Then we discovered Snapple. Hahaha.