Thursday, March 8, 2012

news notes

govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants' facebook passwords - yikes.  not that i really have too much on my facebook page that i'm ashamed of, but this is definitely something to think about if/when i ever decide it's time to try to find a new job.  i'm not really sure i agree that this is entirely legal.  i'm anxious to see how this plays out in the courts over the next several years, becuase you know someone will bring a lawsuit or something up soon.

before firms use 'facebook score' to screen applicants, stop the insanity -well, this is just crazy.  i can maybe understand asking for your facebook password, but using a facebook score to determine if you're appropriate?  how is the score configured?  do you lose points for swearing?  for being outspoken on your political view?  i definitely don't like this idea.

steelers cut former super bowl mvp hines ward -this completely breaks my heart.  hines ward was the heart of the steelers team, and it hurts my heart to see him treated like this.  he lived and breathed black and gold.  it's not fair to force him off the team.

the bechdel test - i have been thinking about this since i read the article on monday, and i am having a really hard time coming up with a movie (other than bridesmaids) that passes the bechdel test.  can you think of any?

how npr became a hotbed for female journalists - this is why i love npr.  well, one of many reasons. 

flyers scout leads initiative to keep homophobia out of nhl - well done, flyers scout! 

why don't men in favor of birth control speak up? - i have wondered this from the beginning of this argument.  i mean, many more women need to speak up, too, but heaven knows that men get listened to.  where are all the men who don't want their wives/girlfriends/one-night-stands to get pregnant?  where are all the men who watched their wives/girlfriends/friends/daughters suffer from ovarian cysts or cancer?  why aren't they sharing their voices?  you know why?  because in the end, birth control is a woman's problem.  "it's your body, you deal with it."  sure.  it's our body until we get accidentally pregnant, then all of a sudden you want to tell us what to do with it.  am i right?

colts announce they're releasing peyton manning - i am significantly less affected by this than by the release of hines ward.  but i do wonder who's going to pick him up.  i hear a lot of chatter about the arizona cardinals being very interested.  not that i'm a cardinals fan, but i am a larry fitzgerald fan (he was pitt's wr when i was there for grad school and i got to watch that man make beautiful plays every saturday and it was amazing), and i think that would be a killer combination.  fantasy owners should definitely pay attention to that pairing.

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