Friday, March 2, 2012

padfoot update

we had padfoot back at the vet's last night for our follow-up appointment.  the vet was very encouraged by the improvement she's seeing in her eye.  she said the swelling looks to have gone down a bit and it seems markedly less cloudy than it was on sunday.  she did tell me that the antibiotic she gave her is to treat toxoplasmosis.  even though we didn't test her for it specifically, she felt that that was most likely the cause for the infection, so she decided to use the strongest antibiotic possible.  i'm glad she did that, even though it was probably significantly more expensive to do it that way.

we stopped the oral liquid antibiotic, because i told the vet that it was absolute torture to get her take it.  instead we're going to give her 2 pills and an ointment.  the pills are probably smaller than birth control pills, so the vet told us to give them to her in some baby food.  my first thought was, like, banana baby food and i was thinking "yeah, right, she won't eat that!"  but then the vet brought in a jar of chicken with chicken gravy baby food, and she ate it right up.  this morning i hid the 2 pills in there and she took them, no problem.  yippee!  she also was a very good girl when i gave her the ointment this morning.  i have to basically squeeze out the ointment right onto her eyeball.  i would freak.out. if someone was doing that to me, but she just sat there calmly and let it happen.  she's such a good girl.

i'm to call the vet on monday to follow-up and let her know if things are still looking good.  hopefully we'll continue to see improvement.  as it stands, the vet feels that she'll fully recover and there shouldn't be any lasting issues.  i'm so relieved! 

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