Tuesday, March 6, 2012

nursery thoughts - owls

ok, so i know we're not pregnant yet.  but this is what i do.  when i'm starting to think about the next "step" or our next big project, i start kind of obsessing.  so it should come as no surprise that i have many many thoughts about our future little one's nursery.  while we definitely intend to find out the gender of the baby in order to help with decorating and clothing and registering and what-not (and also because i'm the most impatient person in the world), i still think we will forgo the "traditional" nursery colors of blue/pink for more fun colors.  at this moment, i'm picturing orange for a boy, and maybe even for a girl.  orange is a great gender-neutral color, and can be made more boy-ish with accents of blue and green, or more girl-ish with accents of pink, yellow, and grey.  like these:

source: designseeds
source: designseeds

aren't they pretty?  i'd probably do the bottom one without the super-girly pink, though.  make that a pale yellow, instead.  i could probably find a design seed palette that exactly matches what i'm looking for, but have you ever perused that sight?  it's a bit overwhelming.  but an amazing resource.

anyway, one theme i keep being drawn to is owls.  i just think owls are the most adorable things ever.  here are a few things i've found around the interwebs that i would completely freaking love to use in an owl-themed nursery.

source: from skiphop on pinterest

source: from projectnursery on pinterest

that top bedding set is my favorite.  bonus - it's bumper-free!  i love the colors, and i loe the decals on the wall behind it.  i may just copy this nursery completely (especially for a boy).  i like the bottom one, too, but it is a bit too busy for me.  i do love that quilt, but it's a custom-designed etsy piece, and the shop is no longer accepting orders.  booo!

source: from etsy on pinterest

source: from etsy on pinterest
source: from etsy on pinterest

some super-cute wall decor ideas.  i really love that decal, and if we end up going with an owl theme, i will most likely purchase that last print.  just too cute.

source: from whorange via bee on pinterest

source: from landofnod via bee on pinterest

i am totally smitten with these nightlights.  ok, the campfire isn't technically a nightlight, but how cool would it be to use it as one?  for a woodland-theme nursery?  oh, and that owl nightlight is just too pretty.

so that's one idea i have for a nursery.  i have so many others, and i'll share them with you over the next few weeks/months/whatever.  you're excited, i can tell!

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Christina said...

I love Design Seed! I really love the color value search option. I love your color choices. Bright and cheery without being too obvious (pale blue/pale pink). And that campfire light is awesome!!!