Saturday, March 31, 2012

harry potter challenge - day 9

least favorite male character and why?

source: from moviefone
ewww...lucius malfoy was such a creep!  i mean, i could have easily gone for tom riddle/voldemort here, but that's too obvious.  and peter pettigrew was a slime-ball, too.  but malfoy was slimey and cruel and rude and just evil.  i mean, he tried to kill harry just for losing his house elf!  who does that?!  he was rude and condescending to the weasleys, and - hello - nobody messes with the weasleys!  he was the one who dropped the diary in ginny's cauldron and kicked off the whole "heir of slytherin" debaucle.  and then in the end, he just ran away, disgraced. 

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