Saturday, March 17, 2012

harry potter challenge - day 7

7. your favorite female character, and why

minerva mcgonigall.  there were so many strong female characters, it was really hard to choose.  i love that j.k. rowling gave young girls so many options of strong female role models to choose from - professor mcgonigall, molly weasley, ginny, luna, hermione...even silly old professor trelawney.  she may have been strange but she stood by her strangeness and embraced it.  professor mcgonigall stood up for what she believed in.  she stood her ground when umbridge threatened to undermine her.  she stayed loyal to the order and loyal to harry.  to the very end.  and yet she was fair - she punished harry when necessary, never giving him special treatment.  her scene in the final movie, when she mobilizes the statues to guard the castle, moves me to tears every time.  she clearly loves her job, loves her students, and loves that school.  she was one of the first characters we met in the series, and i loved her from the start.

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Jessica said...

She is the best and they did such a good job on her in the movie!