Thursday, March 1, 2012

news notes

the monkees' davy jones dead at 66 - *sad face*  i loved the monkees.  i watched reruns of that ridiculous show after school sometimes.  they were so goofy.  i met davy jones once on a flight from seattle to harrisburg, where he lived for quite some time.  he was a lovely guy.

as gop race continues, voter confidence in obama climbs - well, duh.  the unemployment rate continues to drop, new-job growth continues to rise, and the gop candidates are killing each other.  with each one trying to "out-conservative" the other, they are losing the moderate republicans, and further alienating the conservative democrats.  so, not smart for the gop, but brilliant for the president, who just sits back and watches them destroy each other.

phish to jam for a weekend in a.c. - i love phish.  i went through a major (pseudo)hippie phase in college where i rocked out to jam bands and wore a hemp necklace (but also shaved my legs and did not smoke weed).  phish concerts were so great because they were fun but also because they were cheap.  the idea that they are now $60 seriously kills me.  i find it very disappointing.

snooki is preggers: report - good lord that is a scary thought.

virginia passes ultrasound abortion bill fueling the fire in pennsylvania - this is so upsetting on so many levels.  they are basically trying to guilt-trip a woman into not getting an abortion.  their thought is that by showing the heartbeat or even the fetus, they woman will feel badly enough and change her mind.  look, if a woman has made the decision to show up for the appointment, no ultrasound is going to change her mind.  no woman makes this decision lightly, and they should not be made to feel ashamed of it.  i love, too, that the wording of the bill is so slippery - it doesn't say it requires an internal ultrasound, but it does require a measurement of the gestational sac, which - ps - can't be measured without an internal.  i'm horrified.

maryland governor to sign same-sex marriage bill - well, done governor o'malley.  now if only pa (and the rest of the states) could catch up.

south by southwest announced bands - not really a news story, but my God, i really want to be there.

baby-led weaning - a topic that really interests me.  i am finding hellobee to be an immeasurable source of knowledge and though-provoking topics.  i am pinning articles from it on a daily basis.

here's a clip from anderson cooper about a guy who survived being caught/flipped in his car by one of the tornadoes that ravaged the south this week.  it is so scary to think of how much stronger and bigger it seems that these storms have gotten recently.  

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