Thursday, March 22, 2012

news notes

romney, santorum argue over english as requirement for puerto rican statehood - seriously, how is rick santorum still even in the running for republican presidential nominee?  this guy is the biggest asshat ever!  i do not understand how anyone (especially women) could consider him to be a logical choice to run this country!

study of the day: eating chocolate for breakfast is good for your diet - as a girl who grew up in hershey, i'm pretty sure chocolate is in my veins and i need it daily to sustain life.  kind of like oxygen.  so this article has convinced me to add a hershey's bliss to my yogurt at breakfast.  yup.

cpihl: hershey reigns again with 6-5 win over cumberland valley - hershey high school brought home the championship bears cup in high school hockey.  one of my very good friends (who played on our high school team) is now the coach.  so proud of him!  trojan pride never dies!

hines ward retires as 'steeler for life' - oh, my heart.  but i'm glad to see he's retiring as a steeler.  steeler nation will miss him.  he will always be one of my all-time favorite players.  i will wear #86 proudly for life.

peyton manning picks denver broncos; tim tebow's status unclear - definitely not a move i expected.  though in a sick and twisted way, it's kind of nice to see tebow knocked off his high horse.

jets acquire tim tebow from broncos for draft picks - man, lots of shake-ups in the nfl this week.  sanchez is not exactly mr. popularity, but tebow is so polarizing.  anxious to see how this plays out. 

goodell lowers boom on the saints - somehow i hadn't heard about this until this headline popped up on my igoogle.  wow.  i always kind of felt like sean payton was a little bit arrogant.  hard to believe they were giving defensive linemen bonuses for hurting players, though! 

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