Thursday, March 29, 2012

news notes

everything the hunger games movie left out - perhaps i shouldn't have read this before going to see the movie.  i'm preemptively disappointed now.

racist hunger games fans are very disappointed - seriously, what the fuck is wrong people?

passengers recount jetblue captain's meltdown - this is terrifying.

farm stays offer homegrown fun for families - when i traveled to australia with people to people back about a thousand years ago (15, to be exact - woah), we stayed on a farm in the outback for 2 nights.  middle of nowhere, about 2 hours from the nearest "town."  it was incredible.  i have never - and probably will never - seen so many stars in my life.  it was a really cool experience to see how a working farm runs.

veterans battle ptsd stigma - even if they don't have it - this is really sad.  i've had ptsd and it is difficult to function when it takes over you.  but there is treatment - successful treatment - available for ptsd.  and because such a small percentage of vets actually get diagnosed with ptsd, i think it's a shame that employers are using the slight possibility of it against them.

you decide: is the nyc department of education list of banned words 'absurd'? - in a word, absolutely.  someone please explain to me how the word "dinosaur" could possibly be offensive to anyone.  except maybe for the geico cavemen.


Jessica said...

The leg, the food/hunger and Haymitch were all big letdowns for me. I didn't realize they never said Effie's name, something that only a person who hadn't read the books would notice. A good point!

Christina said...

I love these posts! I learn so much! I really want to take my family on a farm trip in the future. So cool! That Hunger Games post was good. The sad thing is, during the movie, my husband was like, “Why didn’t this happen? Or, “That wasn’t right” and called out a lot of these. We both read the books last year. He has a crazy photographic memory. I really wish they would have made Haymitch fall! I was most disappointed with Katniss's lack of turmoil about Peeta. Whether she liked him, hated him or used him, I wanted to see it.