Monday, March 12, 2012

oh, that martha!

did you guys know that martha stewart has a healthy lifestyle magazine/website now?  i just discovered it via facebook update from skinnytaste.  matt and i have been loving the recipes on skinnytaste for months now, if not longer.  i don't even remember how i discovered gina and her concoctions of skinny yumminess, but i am so glad i stumbled across her website.  not only are the meals delicious but they are almost all under 300 calories.  i have been cooking almost exclusively from her recipes for at least a year, and we have yet to be disappointed.  i've even made some of her desserts, and they were delicious.  she keeps coming up with new ways to make your old favorites so much better for you!  and most of the recipes are easy to follow and can be prepped, cooked, and plated in well under an hour.

another reason i love skinnytaste is because it's connected to my new favorite obsession, ziplist.  you guys, ziplist is amazing.  ok, here's how it works.  you find a recipe you like on skinnytaste.  you click "save this recipe."  it pops up a box asking if you want to save it to your recipe box or to your list.  let's pretend you're looking for recipes for your weekly shopping trip, so let's save it to your list.  it saves the ingredients it thinks you need, but gives you the option to add/delete other items from the recipe, too (like it assumes you don't have nutmeg but you do have salt, but since you do have nutmeg you can delete it from your list).  once you've put together your list, you can view your list by category or - get this - by store!  you can put in your local grocery store, put the aisles in order, and - bam! - your list is organized and you can be in and out of the grocery store in 15 minutes flat.  they also have a recipe clipper button that you can put right on your browser so that even if you're on a website that doesn't have a ziplist button, you can still save the recipe.  man, what will they think of next?!

anyway, today, gina (the genius behind skinnytaste) posted on facebook that she's loving martha's new magazine, whole living.  *record scratch*  say what?  of course, i scooted my little butt right on over to whole living and had myself a look-see.  tips for fitness, healthy recipes, balancing your life, stress relief...all from the queen herself.  i don't subscribe to too many magazines (i don't like the clutter), but i am definitely going to to subscribe to this one!  oh, and guess what.  martha's recipes are connected to ziplist.  woopie! 

*i swear, i was not paid by any of these websites or companies to promote them.  i just seriously love them this much.*

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