Wednesday, February 29, 2012

cakes are awesome

i don't know about you, but i love me a good cake.  my go-to is probably chocolate with white icing, but my all-time favorite was our wedding cake - pink champagne with whipped strawberry filling and white chocolate buttercream icing.  holy crap, i'm dying inside just thinking about it.  the funny thing about our wedding cake was that, even though i am a huge cake fan and i love watching the cake shows on tv (except for cake boss because i cannot stand buddy and the way he says "fahn-dahnt" annoys the shit out of me), i had absolutely no desire to make our cake some big elaborate thing.  we wanted it to be simple and understated.

by everlasting images
i also love the blog cakewrecks.  if you haven't checked it out, you should.  it is hysterical.  but while i find the daily nonsense of awful cakes wonderful, my favorite part is their sunday sweets series.  each sunday, they feature some of the most gorgeous cakes i've ever seen.  here are some of my favorites, and had matt and i felt adventurous and/or like spending significantly more on our cake than we had budgeted for, i would have gone with something like any of these.

source: from cakewrecks on pinterest

source: via amy on pinterest

source: karasparty on via christina on pinterest

source: from lunaandchloewedding via kim on pinterest

but my favorite cakes are the whimsical cakes.  the ones that defy gravity.  the ones with all kinds of intricate details.  the ones that depict scenes from movies or books.  the ones that have fun!

source: from cakewrecks on pinterest

source: from cakewrecks on pinterest

source: from cakewrecks on pinterest

source: from cakewrecks on pinterest

aren't they amazing?  linking up again for oh, how pinteresting wednesdays with the lovely michelle at the vintage apple

source: the vintage apple

hope everyone has a fabulous wednesday!

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