Wednesday, December 5, 2012

34 weeks

*didn't take a bump picture this week, either, but got some pictures at my mom's party...more to come on that*

*written on friday 11/30*

how far along are you: 34 weeks
due date/days left: jan 10/41 days
baby is the size of: a canteloupe
sleep: pretty terrible this week.  i got a cold (stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing).  not only does it make my sleep terrible, but apparently i'm snoring quite a bit, so poor matt is suffering, too.       
best moment this week: not 1 but 2 showers this week!  i had my big friends/family shower on sunday, and then my department at work threw me a shower on tuesday!  hoping my mom emails me the pictures soon.   
what are you looking forward to: planning to put some stuff away in the nursery and starting the baby's laundry this weekend. 
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: big belly.  back and hip pain.  crappy sleep.  lots of  peeing.  the braxton hicks contractions have slowed, though, so that's good.   
weight gain: 28 pounds.  yeah, i put on a few extra over thanksgiving weekend...  
movement:  he is so active.  i will miss it.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: it's pretty close to popping!
rings: off.  i'm wearing my opal in place of my wedding/engagement rings, so at least i still have something there.

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Maria said...

Happy 34 weeks!! I hope you're feeling better and having a restful, relaxing weekend!!