Wednesday, December 12, 2012

thanksgiving weekend

whew!  it's been a busy couple of weeks, topped off with this cold that i've been fighting now for 2 weeks, and i'm way behind on some blog updates!  so first up, thanksgiving!

our thanksgiving weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  we got to hershey on wednesday night and after dinner and much debate, matt and i decided to meet up with his brother and his girlfriend out for a drink.  i can't believe i even made it out, since we didn't even head out till 10, but i knew we were only going to houlihan's, which is only open till 11, so i knew that a) it wouldn't be loud and crowded and b) i knew we wouldn't be out late (or long).  so we met up with them for one drink, then headed back home and went to bed.

thursday morning we woke up and i cooked up a batch of my aunt em's praline sweet potatoes.  thankgiving just isn't thanksgiving without them, so when we don't go to michigan for thankgiving with my family, i make them for thanksgiving with matt's family.  around noon, we headed over to the place that matt's family rents for thanksgiving. they've rented this place the past several years because the family has just gotten too big for someone to host at their home - it ends up being around 40 people!  it's basically a potluck, so everyone brings a dish to contribute to the meal.  we stayed there till about 6 or so.  it was great to catch up with the family, and my dad actually came down to eat with us, too.  i finally got to a point where i was absolutely exhausted, so matt and i packed up what was left of our sweet potatoes and went back to my mom's.

on friday, matt and jeff went to play golf, and my mom and i went out to run a few errands.  we went to jo-ann fabrics to get some orange fabric that my mom needed, and then did some grocery shopping for my bridal shower.  we stayed away from the black friday shopping, as is our tradition - i can honestly say i've never ever done black friday shopping, and i have no intention to start now.  blech.  friday night, we went back over to matt's parents' for dinner, and then over to my friend nicole's for drinks and so i could finally meet her boyfriend (who i love, yay!).   we left there around 11, and went straight to bed.

saturday was a pretty lazy day.  we hung around, watching football and movies.  saturday night was my high school reunion.  15 years, what?!  it was held at troeg's brewery, and despite my concerns, it was actually a really fun night.  only about 15 people showed up, but it was a lot of my girlfriends and a bunch of guys that i actually didn't hang out with high school but do now thanks to them being friends with matt and his brothers, so it was a nice intimate little group and everyone got along really well.  we attempted to take a nice class picture, but were having a hard time getting some people under control....

me and 2 of  my besties, abriel and nicole

sunday was my baby shower, so i'll come back to that in another post...

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Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great time! And you are gorgeous FYI.