Monday, December 17, 2012

36 weeks

*once again, written on thurs, posted on monday.  it's a bit hectic around here!*


due date: jan 10
how many weeks down/days left/days of work left: 36 weeks/27 days/16 days
baby is the size of: a crenshaw melon
sleep: a bit better.  i count myself lucky, as most books i've read make it sound like by now i should be getting up 3-4 times a night.  i get up once, usually sometime between 2-5 to pee, and then usually fall back asleep pretty quickly.  i'm still congested, but not sick-sick like i had been.  and not snoring, according to matt.  
best moment this week: our family christmas party on saturday!  we had about 21 people at our house, so it was crowded but it was wonderful.    
what are you looking forward to: this weekend we're planning to finish our shopping at babies r us, install the car seats, put together the pack and play, and start packing the hospital bags.  in other words, we're finalizing preparations for baby boy's debut!   
what do you miss:  being able to do much of anything without getting short of breath. 
symptoms: big belly.  back and hip pain.  lots of  peeing.  my hands are still pretty swollen most of the time, so i'm going to address that with my ob today.  and like i said, i'm still congested, but i think that is mostly pregnancy congestion at this point - i think my cold is gone.
weight gain: 27 pounds.    
movement:  he's definitely still moving around in there, but i have noticed a difference in the movements this week.  as he runs out of room, i think i'm feeling fewer little kicks and stuff, and more bigger movements. 
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: still not what i would call an outtie, but it's more out than in.
rings: all off.  i'm not even comfortable wearing the opal ring anymore. 


Maria said...

Happy 36 weeks! Glad to hear you're sleeping better and falling asleep easier!! Wishing you a great week! Xox

Jessica said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! You look gorgeous as always.