Thursday, December 27, 2012

end of pregnancy

to my dear baby boy,

you are 38 weeks old today.  i can't believe we've come this far and are so close to meeting you.  i sat in your nursery last night and looked around at all the pictures and stuff we have for you.  it is all set up and just waiting for you to come home.  i am so proud of all the work your daddy did and how hard we both worked to make it a special place for you.  i just know that you're going to love it.  i sat on the glider and thought about having you in my arms in that room, and i just wept.  i cannot wait to meet you.

gosh, i can't believe how much you've grown - from a little sesame seed to a watermelon!  and i know you will just continue to grow and grow.  and we will want to freeze time, i'm sure.  because it will all go so fast, just like this time did for us.  in some ways it feels like just yesterday that the word "positive" showed up on that tiny screen.  in other ways, it feels like ages ago.  either way, it's been 34 weeks since we found out and i can't believe it.

i was going through your clothing last night and just can't wrap my head around the fact that you are going to be so little when we bring you home.  those tiny little shirts and pants and hats!  they're smaller than the clothing i used to dress my dolls in!  

up until the past week or so, i have been perfectly content keeping you on the inside, safe and warm and snuggly.  but it's eviction time, little dude.  mama's belly is full.  her hips and her back hurt.  and she can't do anything without requiring major effort - you would laugh if you saw her trying to roll over in bed!  mama keeps telling you to wait until january, but you don't have to listen to her - this is one time in your life you're allowed to disobey me, so you should take advantage while you can!  anytime you're ready, we're ready for you. we'll be here, with open arms, open hearts, sappy smiles, lots of tears, and most likely some annoying camera flashes.  daddy will play guitar for you, mama will sing to you, and padfoot...well, she'll probably just sit and stare at you. 

hurry up, little one...i'm not sure my heart can take much more waiting! 


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