Friday, December 14, 2012

family christmas

on saturday, matt and i hosted our entire families at our house to celebrate the holidays.  as of december 13, i am no longer allowed to travel more than an hour away from the hospital, which means that being home for the holidays is not an option.  so we decided to host everyone at our house in one big shot, rather than spread it out and host 3 separate smaller parties (matt's family, my mom and jeff's family, and my dad).  we ended up having 21 people at the house, which was a lot, but it worked out pretty well.  i delegated a lot of the food out to everyone (and actually assigned dishes, rather than having people show up with whatever), so i didn't really have that much cooking to do.  i made pulled pork (in the crock pot, yay) and a vegetable lasagna for the vegetarians in the family (and by made a lasagna, i mean i used our points at the grocery store to get a free party-size stouffer's lasagna, and threw that in the oven).  but we had a ton of other food from everyone else, and it worked out really well.  we exchanged our gifts with our families.  we got more stuff for baby, plus some great stuff for us, as well.  my mother-in-law was the only one taking pictures, so that's why there's hardly any pictures of my family. 

Matt's nephew Gabe and niece Avery (3rd from left) with my brother-in-law's girlfriend's daughters, Alexa and Christina

My sister, my dad, and me

Gigi and Fritz (my mom and Jeff) with my nephew Brody

My brother-in-law Dan and his girlfriend/one of my high school besties Tina

My brother-in-law Mike with his girlfriend, Jody, and 2 kids, Gabe and Avery

Matt and his brothers, Dan and Mike

The boys - Gabe, Mike, Dan, and Matt

Pretty Aves

Me and Matt opening gifts - this is a t-shirt his brother Dan got for baby

Me and Sissy - one clearly pregnant, one pregnant but you can't tell at all

my sister and anthony spent the night, and we just hung out, watching movies and talking.  sunday morning, i made eggnog pancakes, and after callie and anthony left, matt and i lounged around watching football.  i opened our car seat and put together our stroller, and washed the new baby stuff so i could get it put away.  but for the most part, it was a lazy day and it was exactly what i needed.  even though i didn't cook much for the christmas party, i was still busy and didn't sit much all day saturday until after everyone left, so i was still pretty tired.


Maria said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family! Hope you're feeling well - your bump is so so cute!
Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! :)