Monday, December 10, 2012

35 weeks

*having serious timing issues.  written on thurs 12/6.*

due date: jan 10
how many weeks down/days left/days of work left: 35 weeks/35 days/21 days
baby is the size of: a honeydew melon
sleep: not good.  i still have that cold, so i'm up to blow my nose and/or sneeze and/or cough several times a night.  still also snoring, so poor matt.  
best moment this week: we successfully pulled off a surprise party for my mom on sunday.  it was her 60th birthday on 11/24, plus she and my step-dad retired on 11/30.  she was completely surprised!  
what are you looking forward to: saturday we're hosting our entire families at our house for a christmas party.  we can't go home for the holidays this year, so we decided to celebrate with everyone all at once.   
what do you miss:  sleep. 
symptoms: big belly.  back and hip pain.  crappy sleep.  lots of  peeing.  the braxton hicks contractions have slowed, though, so that's good.  my hands are also swollen to the point that they hurt, and my grip is seriously affected - it's like having arthritis.
weight gain: 26 pounds.  i lost a couple of pounds, which is unbelievable considering the amount of water i'm retaining.  
movement:  he is so active.  i will miss it.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: it's not an actual outtie, but it definitely sticks out.
rings: off.  i'm wearing my opal in place of my wedding/engagement rings, so at least i still have something there.

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Maria said...

Happy 35 weeks! You look adorable!! Sorry sleep hasn't been so great! I'm ten weeks behind you and sleep is starting to not come as easy as I grow (and pee my brains out through the night)! Hope it's a relaxing night for you!