Saturday, December 29, 2012

and finally, the nursery

finally getting around to revealing the nursery, even thought it isn't quite done.  still need the bench cushion and blanket that my mom is making, and the cross-stitch that matt's aunt donna is making to hang over the crib.  otherwise, we are all set and ready for baby boy to make his appearance and move into his new room!  so without further ado....

here's what you'll see as you walk into baby's room.

the corner with the crib, and my paper lantern mobile, which i love.  my step-sister had my nephew in the room at our christmas party, and she said he was totally enthralled with the lantern.  here's hoping baby boy will be, too.

here's what's behind the glider.  matt and i love music and movies, so we thought it was only appropriate to include some of our favorite quotes or lyrics.

l-r: grateful dead, "eyes of the world."  coldplay, "yellow."  willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

l-r: john lennon, "imagine."  rent.  queen, "a kind of magic."
here is the dresser and the gallery wall.

a few more detailed pictures of the gallery wall.

the special edition poster from the ben gibbard show
yup, that's matt and i, each at about 2 years old.  aren't we cute?
and this is the print my sister had made and had everyone sign at the shower.  i am completely in love with it - it is such a special piece, and i love that it has all of our closest friends and family on it!

mama and daddy, right up top  (c:
so there it is!  that's where baby boy will be living for the next however many years!  thanks for taking the tour!


Maria said...

i love the nursery!! the lantern, the gallery wall - all beautiful!! your son will love it!

Jessica said...