Sunday, December 30, 2012

38 weeks

due date: jan 10
how many weeks down/days left/days of work left: 38 weeks/13 days/7 days
baby is the size of: a leek
sleep: rough.  it is really difficult and even painful to roll from side to side at this point.  i need to fully wake up in order to do so, then i end up need a drink or having to pee or just laying there awake for a bit.
best moment this week: christmas day.  matt and i slept in till 9 and just lounged all day long...i didn't even get out of my pj's.  and matt got me the camera i've been wanting for like a year - the olympus pen!
what are you looking forward to: last visits with my family before baby arrives!  dad is coming down on saturday and i think we're meeting my mom and jeff at a restaurant in between us to watch football on sunday.     
what do you miss:  not waddling.  and being able to open things up by myself - my hands are now very swollen all the time, and i feel like i have arthritis.  i have a new level of respect and sympathy for people who live with actual arthritis day in and day out.  it is the pits
symptoms: big belly.  back, hip, and pelvic pain.  lots of  peeing.  puffy feet and hands/hand pain.  congested.
weight gain: 29 pounds.    
movement: still moving a lot.
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: still not what i would call an outtie, but it's more out than in.
rings: all off.  i'm not even comfortable wearing the opal ring anymore. 

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