Tuesday, December 4, 2012

just like his daddy

after a long night of cooking, shopping, and working on the nursery, i'm sitting in bed with my feet propped on 2 pillows, waiting for the swelling to go down.  matt is asleep next to me.  as is his signature move, his lips are pursed, like he's ready to plant a kiss on whoever wakes him up.  i once told him that pursed lips are his tell: i know when he's tired (or drunk) just by looking at his mouth.  i wonder if our baby will do the same thing.  in one of our ultrasound pictures, we could swear it looks like baby boy has his lips pursed, just like his daddy. 

i just can't wait to meet him and see if he has the same adorable little quirk...

1 comment:

Maria said...

So sweet!! I know when my husband is tired when he snores like a beast (like he is doing right now, keeping me awake lol)
Hope you're feeling well! :)