Sunday, December 23, 2012

37 weeks

yikes!  excuse my terrible hair!  but go steelers!!

due date: jan 10
how many weeks down/days left/days of work left: 37 weeks/21 days/11 days
baby is the size of: a stalk of swiss chard
sleep: not too bad.  slept through the night a couple of times, up to pee once a couple of other nights. 
best moment this week: ob appointment wednesday - baby's head is "very low," and i'm 1cm dilated. 
what are you looking forward to: remember last week when i said we were shopping, installing car seats, and packing hospital bags?  well, we shopped.  but we didn't get the car seats installed or the hospital bags packed (though i did at least start a list).  so we're doing that this weekend.  for sure.   
what do you miss:  not waddling, ha ha! 
symptoms: big belly.  back, hip, and pelvic pain.  lots of  peeing.  puffy hands and feet.  congested.
weight gain: 29 pounds.    
movement:  i seriously think he's trying to swim out.  i just feel this constant movement at the top of my belly - it feels like he's doing bicycle kicks in there!
gender: baby boy!! 
belly button: still not what i would call an outtie, but it's more out than in.
rings: all off.  i'm not even comfortable wearing the opal ring anymore. 

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Jessica said...

Waddling is the WORST!! Baby will be here soooo soon!