Friday, February 17, 2012

and we're off

***disclaimer - lots of talk about cycles and sex in here!  if this makes you uncomfortable, stop reading!***

we're in the thick of cycle 4 now.  i'm on cd12 and - according to ovuview - i'm 4 days away from o-day.  my bbt is pretty steady, ranging from 97.0-97.3.  one morning it was 97.6, but i think it's because i hadn't slept well that night and had basically been awake for hours before i took it, tossing and turning and getting up to get a drink.  i think that was an inaccurate temp that day.  if ovuview is correct, i should see a spike in my bbt on tuesday. 

everything i've read says to bd every other day from cd8 until cd22 or so.  i've also read that the day before o-day is an excellent day to bd.  so we started on cd9 and have gone every other day.  that'll have us bd'ing on the day before o. 

i'm really hoping that ramping up our efforts will give us some results!  i never really understood why people say they're "trying" to have a baby.  now i do.  cuz it does take work, and timing, and effort.  it's a lot to keep track of!  but hey, at least it's fun work!

***if you have any questions about any of the abbreviations in this post, please refer to my cheat sheet on the sidebar***

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