Sunday, February 26, 2012

poor padfoot

yesterday i noticed that padfoot's left eye was looking a little bit funky.  she kept squinting it and her eye looked cloudy.  i also noticed that her inner eyelid looked pink and irritated.  yesterday i told matt that if it didn't look any better today, i was going to take her to the vet.  well, it didn't look any better when we got up this morning, so i called and made an emergency appointment at a local vet office and took her in.

it was obviously our first trip to the vet, and i'm really pleased with the office i chose.  everyone i dealt with there was really sweet, and the nurse and the doctor were both just great with padfoot.  after careful exam, it turns out padfoot has some inflammation in her eye, most likely due to an infection.  the vet wants to just treat her and hope it clears up.  if not, they'll have to test for which infection it is and then treat more specifically, possibly with iv antibiotics.  anyway, they did a complete eye exam.  i mean, like checked the pressure in her eyes and everything.  it was incredible.  and all through it, padfoot stayed calm and (mostly) cooperative.  i can tell you, she is not a fan of eye drops!

the vet is concerned she may have toxoplasmosis.  if you recall, toxo is the reason why pregnant women should not handle kitty litter.  the vet warned me that if i'm pregnant or trying to get pregnant, i should steer clear of padfoot's litter box.  so this afternoon, when we got home from filling her prescription at target (can i tell you how weird it felt to fill out a patient record for "padfoot [lastname]?"), i showed matt how to clean out and change the litter box.  matt is officially on litter box duty.

anyway, i now have to give her antibiotics (by mouth) twice a day, a pain relief eye drop twice a day, and steroid eye drops 4 times a day.  poor kitty is going to hate me!  she got pretty mad at me when i gave her her first sets of drops and antibiotics today, and it's only going to get worse as she starts to recognize it.  but i can't look at this little face and not want to make her feel better!

hopefully she just has some random infection and not toxoplasmosis.  and hopefully she feels better soon!

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