Monday, February 13, 2012

weekend wrap-up

i hope you guys all had a good weekend!  matt and i had a very busy and very successful weekend. 

friday night, we just had a low-key night at home.  we had a lot of tv to catch up on on the dvr, so we watched that and then a couple episodes of shameless.  have you watched that show at all?  it's fantastic. 

saturday morning we woke up and went out to run some errands.  we'd been talking for a while about adopting a cat, and matt said he'd get me one for my birthday.  so we decided we'd stop over at petsmart to see what they had and get some more information about adopting.  well, we got there and a big local shelter had several cats there.  we talked with them a bit, and looked around.  there was one cat that i just couldn't take my eyes off of, so they took her (and her sister) out of the cage and brought us back into a little room where we could play with them and get to know them.  once we got them out of the crate, bailey was climbing all over us.  her sister, brandy, was much more subdued and shy, but bailey was really fun.  that sealed the deal.  next thing i knew, we were filling out an application and waiting to hear if we'd get approved.  we got the call on sunday that we were our approved and we're picking her up next weekend! 

the shelter has been calling her bailey, but matt and i think we'll probably rename her.  we're thinking of calling her padfoot, after sirius's animagus identity.  told you, harry potter nerd, right here.  she's a black and brown tortie (tortoise shell coat) with orange spots.  her whole nose is orange.  she's super adorable and very sweet and i can't wait to bring her home!  i was hoping i'd be able to find a picture of her on the shelter's website, but she's not listed.  but don't worry, i'll have plenty of pictures next weekend!

anyway, after that, we did our grocery shopping and headed home to relax a few hours before going out for dinner.  we went to bonefish grill for dinner, and then went to the keswick theater to see bruce hornsby perform.  i have now seen bruce 3 times (at least) and every single time he blows my mind.  the man just oozes talent.  once the show was over we went home and watched my girlfriend, zooey deschanel, host saturday night live.  there were definitely some misses, but there were some real hits.  matt and i especially loved this skit - we could not stop laughing.

<iframe id="NBC Video Widget" width="512" height="347" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

sunday was more errands and shopping.  we headed over to the mall to pick up some slippers for matt and check out the gap and williams-sonomo, since i have gift cards to both.  while we were looking for slippers at macy's, we decided to look at their bedding.  i've been saying for a while now that i wanted to get new bedding for our bedroom, and i had a macy's gift card, so we thought we'd see what they had.  well, we found a gorgeous martha stewart 24-piece collection that we really liked.  originally priced at $400, it was marked on-sale for $199.  but when the guy rang it up, it was $109.  then he gave us the 10% off for macy's card holders.  and i had a $50 gift card.  so we walked out of there spending $50 on a $400 set.  amazeballs!!  matt did find slippers, too, and i finally got an apron at williams-sonoma! 

how was your weekend?  any big impulse purchases like us?!

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Jessica said...

Aww! I love the name Padfoot!! :D