Tuesday, February 7, 2012


i found out this weekend that a friend of mine died on sunday.  he was 32 years old.  married.  2 kids - a 4-year old and a 4-month old.  he died of brain cancer, which he'd been fighting for probably 2 years.
a few weeks ago, a friend of mine called to let me know that andy's time was limited. his latest scan had revealed a new, third, tumor, and had also showed that his previous two were no longer responding to treatment. they'd decided to stop treatment.  the doctors gave him 3-6 weeks.

though we'd somewhat lost touch in recent years, andy was one of my best friends in high school.  and, truthfully, he is still one of my favorite people ever.  he had this incredible spirit that was infectious.   you couldn't help but smile when you were around him.  he was funny, sensitive, and daring.  his hugs were the best.  some of my favorite memories from high school involve him.

my heart breaks for his family.  the world truly lost incredible soul.  but heaven gained one hell of a guy.

i love you, andy.  i will never forget you.


Jessica said...

How awful. :(
My prayers to you and their family.

Christina said...

I'm so sorry!!! I'm thinking of you and his family.