Thursday, February 23, 2012

news notes

turning your pet into a locavore is the newest way to be an asshole - i mean...i know that people love their pets, but this is just silly.  your dog or cat honestly doesn't care what they're eating.  as long as it goes in their stomach, i think they consider that good enough.  i get wanting to make sure your pet is eating healthy, but, my goodness.

this isn't so much of a news story, just a funny thing i found the other day.  brad pitt's laugh is funny, but anderson cooper's laugh is downright awesome-balls.  you should check on some of the other things on the ridiculist.  some of them are pretty hysterical.

vieques: the caribbean's unlikely design destination - oh my goodness this sounds like heaven.  also, you should go to the website of the hotel.  those views are stellar.  i need to go there.  yesterday.

adele responds to karl lagerfeld's 'fat' remark - karl lagerfeld is an ass. adele is gorgeous.  i have always found him to be super creepy.

addiction is not hopeless -i see addiction a lot in my job, and it really is heartbreaking.  especially when you're seeing someone who so desperately wants to quit using, but is powerless against the disease.  i really hope that someone figures out an effective way to treat addiction and to help people suffer less.  unfortunately, in philadelphia, our budget is getting cut to the point that mental health funding is being slashed by millions, meaning that those who want help may not get it.  ugh.

health official: proposed budget cuts 'a recipe for disaster' - tying into the above headline.  thanks again, governor corbett.  you really are an ass.

thousands of afghans vent fury outside us base over quran burning - what the fuck were these people thinking to burn the quran?  they say it was an accident and that they weren't aware there were copies of the muslim holy book in the pile of trash they set ablaze, but...c'mon.  you're in a foreign country where half the citizens don't want you to be, you are already considered an outsider and a threat to their way of life.  be a bit more mindful, would ya?  it's just stupidity.

stepmom charged with murder gives birth - all i can say is really hope that dhs is able to find safe placement for the baby and other child in the home.  also, i love all the comments saying that a 3-hour run should not have killed the girl.  she's 9!  lesser runs have been known to drop trained athletes!  come on, people!

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