Wednesday, February 8, 2012

back in time

so i realized i just sort of jumped from "we decided to start trying" to "i think i might be pregnant" without telling you the in-between time.  so here's how we go to where we are today.

as i said, we decided we'd go off the pill in october, but would just take things as they come for the first 6 months or so to avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves and also to avoid awkward holiday sneak-offs.  i did decide to start tracking my cycle, though, so i downloaded ovuview, a nifty little app on the android market.  once i downloaded it, i realized i had a lot to learn (again!).  i had no idea that you could track cervical mucus (cm) or cervical position to detect ovulation!  this is also when i learned that you're only fertile for, like, 10 days of the entire month.  this is also when i found out that, if you're tracking your basal body temperature (bbt), you have to do it at the same time every day, first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed.  in fact, you basically can't move.  realizing that last one made me definitely decide to put off tracking bbt at least until after the holidays.  who wants to worry about that when you're home and staying with your parents and getting up at all hours of the day because it's christmas and you want to sleep in, dammit!

anyway.  i did start tracking my cm.  at least, i tried.  it wasn't always easy to figure out the exact consistency yet, and i wasn't quite in the frame of mind where i wanted to go, you know, digging around for it.  all the research and reading i've done says that when your cm is egg-white consistency, that's when you're most fertile.  my first month off the pill, i definitely noticed the egg-white consistency.  my last 2 cycles, i didn't.  by the middle of my last cycle, when i should have been ovulating and wasn't seeing the change in cm, i started thinking that this was going to be harder than it seemed.  so i decided to purchase a bbt thermometer.  i shopped around on amazon and decided to go with this one.

i chose it because all the reviews were good. it is backlit, so it's easy to see in the dark, which will be good for when i have to take my temperature at 6am.  it also beeps constantly so that you know you have it in the right spot in your mouth.  it also holds the temp in memory after you turn it off. 

i haven't used it yet because i received it the day i was due for my period, then spent the next 9 days thinking i was pregnant.  and now i have my period.  i'll start taking it the day my period ends.  i'm anxious to see how that goes.  hopefully the beeping of the thermometer doesn't bother matt, since i get up about 40 minutes before he does.  oh well.  the way i look at it is, if he wants a baby, he'll have to deal

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