Thursday, February 2, 2012

another birthday

today is my step-father's birthday.  as far as step-dads go, mine is pretty freaking top-notch.  in fact, as far as human beings go, my step-dad is pretty freaking top-notch. 

my mom and dad got separated the summer of 1995 and were officially divorced a year later.  it was not an ugly divorce and really, it hardly affected me.  i was 16, learning to drive, busy with tap dance and synchronized swimming and cheerleading and...well, general teenager stuff.  i didn't have time to sit at home and wallow about the fact that my parents were no longer married.

a few years later, it became apparent that my mom and jeff were more than just work friends.  they were spending a lot of time together, and mom was spending a lot of time with jeff's kids (i was off at college and my sister was, to put it nicely, not a fan).  they dated for what seemed like ages.  jeff proposed several times and my mom turned him down, afraid that it would push my sister away for good.  callie finally came around and they got married on february 3, 2001.  a month later, we all (me, my sister, my step-brother, one of my step-sisters, and our parents) moved into a new house.  my other step-sister was already off, married, and having babies. 

jeff is a really great person.  he's funny.  he's caring and compassionate.  and best of all, he makes my mom happy.  unfortuantely, i don't have many pictures readily available (you know, at work), but here are a few.

matt, me, mom, jeff, callie, and my brother-in-law, anthony

that's my mom in the middle.  and there, with his arms spread wide open, is jeff.  he loves to dance.

our enormous, super-fun family on christmas eve.  this is what jeff is about.  family.

so happy birthday to jeff today.  and happy 11th anniversary to my mom and jeff tomorrow! 

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Jessica said...

Happy birthday Jeff!