Monday, February 20, 2012


yesterday, matt and i picked up our new baby and brought her home.  friends, meet padfoot!


i am completely in love with her.  we picked her up yesterday afternoon and brought her home.  right now she is staying in our guest bedroom (aptly named the blue room).  everything that i've read says that you should leave them in a room on their own for a day or two so they can get acclimated to the sounds and smells of the house.  so she spent most of the day yesterday in there, all last night, and will probably spend most of the day in there.  matt has the day off, so he may open the door and let her come out and explore on her own. 

she is such a little lovie, you guys.  when we first walk into the room (i went to visit her a few times yesterday and then a couple times this morning), she hides under the bed.  but once i get down to the floor and talk to her a bit, she comes around and comes out.  as soon as she feels comfortable with who i am, she starts purring.  and she never.stops.  she is a purr machine!  i've never heard a cat purr as much as padfoot does. 

i brought her up onto the bed with me, and she was crawling all over me.  she was sniffing me out, nudging up to me, laying on me, and kneading me with her paws.  she has yet to meow but occasionally there will be some tone to her purring. 

she didn't eat all day yesterday, but when i checked her bowl this morning, it looks like she ate a bit overnight.  she hasn't used the litterbox yet, but i'm assuming that will change now that' she's eaten. 

i can't wait to get home today and play with her some more. 


Jessica said...

She looks so sweet! Congrats on your new edition. :D

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Love the name. As soon as I read it I thought you had to be a Harry Potter fan...then I read some past posts and that was confirmed!