Saturday, February 25, 2012

harry potter challenge day 4

4. least favorite female character and why

source: harry potter wiki

dolores umbridge.  i know a lot of people probably say bellatrix lestrange, and i considered her for a moment.  but to me, dolores umbridge was pure evil.  with her sick little giggle, her delight in torturing harry, and her utter disdain for muggles and half-bloods.  she made my skin crawl.   i hated her in the movies, and i hated her even more in the books.  remember how cruel she was to firenze?  and how horribly she treated professor trelawney?  and hagrid?  oh, she was just awful. 

look at that look on her face in this picture, even.  that look says "i'm going to eat you alive, mudblood."  ick.

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