Saturday, February 18, 2012

harry potter 30 day challenge - 3

3. are there any film adaptations that have made you angry because they ignored important parts of the book?
harry potter and the order of the phoenix was my favorite book because it gave so much great background, and i always feel like the movie missed a lot.  in the book, the scene in the department of mysteries was epic.  i mean, ron gets hit by a lunacy spell and goes completely bonkers, which was such awesome comic relief in a part of the book that was really tense; hermoine gets stunned and has to be carried out; neville breaks his nose.  you got to understand so much more about why voldemort was after harry.  and that the prophecy (which they barely touch on in the movie) could have actually been about neville, but voldemort chose harry.  you also meet neville's grandmother and see that his parents aren't dead, but instead chronically hospitalized, thanks to the torture of the death eaters, namely bellatrix lestrange.  there is nothing in the movie about that.  the movie also completely misses the plot line where firenze (a centaur) takes over in teaching divination classes after umbridge fired professor trelawny and how horribly wrong that went.  we also get to find out why harry must continue to stay with the dursleys.

i just felt like the movie missed a lot of that, and some of it was pretty important to the story.  i found myself having to explain some of it to matt when we watched the movie because he'd never read the books and therefore missed some of the connections.  i still loved the movie and it's probably my second favorite after harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.  i just think they could have elaborated on a few things.  although, it probably would have made the movie about 5 hours long.  it must have been hard to decide what to include and what to cut out in making these movies.  a task for which i definitely do not envy the screenwriters!

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