Friday, February 3, 2012


so here's another myth i always believed but have since found out is quite untrue: pregnancy tests will be positive the day you miss your period.  and some, like the commercials say, can accurately predict a pregnancy up to 5 days before your missed period!

lies!!!  i know most people wait to "announce" their pregnancy until they're at least 10 weeks, and many wait until they're past the first trimester.  in the spirit of full disclosure, and since this a blog where i've promised to document everything about our journey to pregnancy and babies, i'm gonna tell you something.

i'm a week late.  i have taken 2 pregnancy tests, and both have been negative.  i took the first one on sunday, which was 3 days late.  bfn*.  i took the second on wednesday, when i was 5 days late.  bfn.  so, as i started thinking something was seriously wrong with me, i took to the interwebs.  the first thing i did was google "5 days late and negative pregnancy test."  wouldn't you know, about eleventy-bajillion hits came up.  "huh," i thought, "seems like this happens a lot."

yeah, you could say that.  in fact, as i read on and on, i found that many women don't get a positive until a week or even 2 weeks (one woman said it took 35 days!) after a missed period.  so i'm feeling a little better.  but at the same time, i'm trying not to get too excited.  i am, of course, starting to behave as though i'm pregnant - pushing water, eating better, watching my chocolate intake (remember, i'm from hershey...i need it to survive), and cutting out booze (right before the super bowl, that hurts)...all that good stuff.  but at the same time, i'm not getting my hopes too high in the event that i really am just super late and my cycle is freakishly off.

so i plan to take another test tomorrow (8 days late).  if that's still negative, then i'll try to wait another week to take another one.  i don't know if i'll be able to stand it, though... so keep your fingers crossed for me!

*the pregnancy world says this stands for big fat negative.  i've taken to calling it big fuckin negative.  cuz that's what it feels like.

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