Wednesday, February 22, 2012

it's a pinteresting kind of day

it's wednesday, yay!  seriously, this week feels like it's crawling.  it probably has to do with the fact that i think my body is still catching up to my wild saturday night.  that and all day long, all i think about is getting home to play with padfoot.  you guys, she's the cutest thing ever.  last night she was sitting in my lap while we were watching tv, and i just kept staring at her.  at one point, i looked at matt and said "if i'm this obsessed with our cat, i'm going to be a freaking nut-job about our kids."

anyway, you know what wednesday means (other than the fact that the week is half over, thank goodness), right?


linking up with michelle at the vintage apple for oh, how pinteresting wednesday!

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head on over to the vintage apple, grab a button, and join the pinterest party!  have a great hump day, everyone!

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Jessica said...

Love love love those bracelets!